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Business Opportunities....

GiveSongs currently partners with a range of retailers that offer MP3 downloads. Amazon.com and ITunes are the largest at the moment.  We also partner with companies that sell our greetings to cellphones.  Please call us to talk about how we can supply content for your organisation whether it is exclusively for you or you prefer non exclusive content.

Our Expertise:  

Having done many world firsts, such as being the first company to sell personalized greetings to cellphones back in 2007, and even creating a range of greetings specifically aimed at religious communities, our specialty is creating world class greetings for any occasion. 


Our current catalog consists of the following:

Birthday – Urban RnB

Birthday – Caribbean

Birthday - Reggae

Mother’s Day

Father’s Day

Valentine’s Day

Merry Christmas

Happy New Year

Happy Naw Ruz

Thank You

We are working on other greetings all the time. We pride ourselves in achieving a quick order fulfilment time and can supply 2500 different named greetings within 6-8 weeks.

Song Lengths:

We can write songs in several different lengths. For example, our popular birthday greetings are in two different lengths. The ‘cellphone’ version is 20 seconds. The normal MP3 version is 60 seconds long. We can write bespoke greetings at almost any length.

Musical Brilliance:

We pride ourselves as being the supplier of choice when it comes to quality of song composition and recording. With our world class Producer Kiskadee at the helm, only world class work will be released. We mix each and every song on our analog mixing console to ensure the listener experiences the music as it is supposed to be experienced.

Religious Content:

We create personalized content for many religious communities and occasions. Our first piece of work was a personalized Happy Naw Ruz greeting in 2007 which was aimed at the Baha’i community as well as the Iranian community. We offer a range of prayers for the Christian community that are topic specific such as Healing prayers, prayers for parents etc.