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Custom named PERSONALIZED BIRTHDAY gifts. Send your friends and loved ones personalized musical greetings in MP3 format for $2.99. NEVER again forget to show the people in your life that you care. Great for grownups adults or kids. Browse by category or use the search box and search by name.

NAME NOT THERE?? ... NO PROBLEM. Use the contact us page to request it. We can usually record it within a day or two and will let you know when it is finished. Also, if you really need a CD then contact us for pricing, we have some exciting packages. Listen to our sample greetings below.

NEW!! Do you want the song to have the "to" and the "from"?, we can record that too. This double personalized song costs $9.99 and you can email us for more information.



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Hot News:

Kiskadee's Personalized Caribbean birthday song was featured on the massively popular BBC soap opera Eastenders in a singing birthday card July 2010. A third custom named birthday song is soon to be released by 10 year old "Spaceboy" and all income from the song will be put into his education fund. Read more at ethicalmusic.com or kiskadee.net

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Givesongs supports Ethicalmusic.com and all greetings are created by Ethical Music Artists. Visit us to view music from fantastic artists like Kiskadee, Kauvon, Kajessa, Kevin Locke and more!