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Givesongs -  Where are we now?

After conceiving the idea a couple of years ago, we are proud to have raised the bar on personalized musical greetings. For too long, birthday greetings have been of poor artistic quality and mainly aimed at children. Our philosophy is to offer a wide range of stunning songs and personalizations in various genres and from various channels.  Our main songwriter and producer Kiskadee has infused her ethical vision into the business (read about www.ethicalmusic.com below). 

Hot News....

Out of all the tens of thousands of Birthday songs, the BBC chose Kiskadee's Caribbean personalized birthday song for their July 30th 2010 Eastenders show. It was featured as a singing birthday card.

After being the first company in the world to offer personalized greetings to cellphones., we are on a journey of many more firsts. 


The latest changes are these: 

1.  ECARDS: We have taken out the ecard greetings altogether. This is because of the impact of spam. The spam criminals of this world have ruined an otherwise wonderful product. 


2.  NEW WEBSITE; We  are now offering this site as an MP3 only site which is clean, clear and simple to use. You can purchase the full length versions of our greetings here and here only! The whole site has been remodelled and you no longer need to have a user account to order. The whole process of ordering is a breeze now.   In short, you select the song you want, then choose the name, then pay by paypal and then receive the download link in an email.


3. CELLPHONE GREETINGS: This site no longer offers personalized greetings to cellphones anymore. It is simply cost prohibitive at the moment. However our mobile phone (cellphone) offerings will be integrated through other channels such as www.voeveo.com.  Of course most of our cellphone customers are happy to download our shortened versions of our songs from itunes and send it themselves.


ITUNES AND AMAZON.COM: We are proud to announce that we now have nearly 1500 songs available from itunes and also from amazon.com.  Both the Caribbean Birthday song and also the Urban RnB birthday song are in great demand there and increasing month by month.



We are ethical!-  www.ethicalmusic.com

Did you know that all of our songwriters, singers and musicians are members of Ethical Music Inc.?  We pride ourselves to be of benefit to people and society and  work only with people that share a similar vision. Who are EthicalMusic?  They are a not for profit organisation based in Florida with a world embracing vision. So the money you spend here at GiveSongs will benefit the artists and the community as a whole as well.  Join us!  To best summarize EthicalMusic, it is best to read the letter from Ethical Music’s president Jeanette Contant-Galitello.


“Based in Florida, Ethical Music is a not for profit corporation which  brings together talented artists from around the globe the world has yet to celebrate."

"Musicians, songwriters, singers, poets…  are all dedicated to their art, their calling in this world. There are incredible artists out there who already inspire positive change, new movements, new expressions, new art forms on an all too small scale. If they are genuinely talented, they deserve to earn a decent living through what they do best."

"As well as providing a platform on which to promote and support their work, Ethical Music has created outreach programs where our Ethical Music Artists go into schools and colleges to revive the desire to embrace creativity in our future generations. We promote, we inspire, we support, we empower. This is what we are about."

"You can be part of this vision by offering your support and sponsorship to this growing movement. (contributions are tax deductable)."

Thank you."

Jeanette Contant-Galitello, President